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Half Page Ad & Banner

W3 Electric has been a marketing rampage. From Social Media to Local schools Bill has been seeking the exposure he needs to keep his business moving in the right track. I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to working with him very closely since his branding project began.

Using ads, banners, social media campaigns, W3 Electric's brand has really started to develop. I cant wait to see how things develop in the growing company. This is a mock-up of their half page ad they submitted to Top Sports Production in the Dallas area. 4.25x5.5 ad that will be featured in a local high school's program.

4.25x5.5 Half Page Ad for #W3Electric

24x36 Banner of #W3Electrics new truck!! We are thrilled with how this truck will become the marketing tool of this brand! I am very happy with how one design can transcend all marketing platforms for Bill's business.

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