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Garber Excavating & Grading

Garber Excavating & Grading Inc. has years of experience in the pipeline industry and wants to put their roots down in Missouri. I worked with Beth and Matt to create a brand that not only scream Construction but Effective and Knowledgeable. Usually when you brand for a male audience you clean and sharp don't have to collide. However, since this is a female ran business, Beth wanted a distinct and attractive look that shared the characteristics that were listed above.

As the company grows we will expand the graphics used behind the word Garber but we settled on a mini excavator. Matt has used all types of equipment and will exceed the expectation of its new clients. As I was designing he noticed a major flaw in boom location that, if you know equipment, would show a lack of experience with equipment. Once that final change was made we finalized the design and got all the business assets ready. I really enjoyed working with them and finding out about this industry. This was a first brand I have explored in the construction industry and it was a blast to reach the finish line.

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