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Farm Balance Sheet Template | Digitalize your Data with Google Sheets

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Every year I work hard to create business tools for my farm. As I begin to choose to have my to create a unified online operation, I made a choice to use GoogleSheets to make all of my financial documents. GoogleSheets instantly updates files with no need to save as well as being free to use (with a Google account).

I want to give farmers a direct connection to great online documents for FREE. As I spend so much time modifying my documents I know others do the same. Correct information will get you ready to schedule your meeting with your banker.

One benefit of these documents is to Ratio Section. Every ratio helps you make wise choices as you are contemplating debt, updating equipment, and planning for the future. These are the ratio provided by this document: Current Ratio, Working Capital, Asset-to-Equity, Equity/Asset Ratio, Debt-to-Assets, Debt-to-Equity, Debt-to-Captial Ratio, EBITDA, and lastly Debt-to-EBITDA Ratio.

"Simply Update the Assets and the Balance Sheet updates automatically."

As I work closely with my banker every ratio helps me understand my business more fully. Every farmer however, understanding how your choices effect your future, one must know the details.

Very grateful for your time. CLICK HERE to find the document ready to be saved and updated!

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