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We feed our hogs conventional (non-organic) hog feed. They are handled gently, never hit or abused in any way. All of the hogs are purchased from Richie Meyers in LaPorte, IN.

We’re now accepting orders for pork.  Our pigs will be processed in fall. We will have two batches in late September or late November.

We do provide custom processing of your pork at a cost (see prices). All which will happen on our farm, the pig will not leave the farm until it arrives in your freezer.


We can deliver your hog to a long established, locally owned butcher shop, where it will be custom processed by convenient customer
pick-up in LaPorte, Indiana.


We expect these to weigh around 190-225 pounds at processing. We’ll sell them by the half or whole. A whole should give you about 110 pounds of packaged pork in your freezer, 55 pounds for a half. You can have it processed any way you like, including cured ham and bacon, pan and link sausage, along with pork chops, ribs, roasts, hocks, lard, etc.  Our price is per pound is $1.25 for a whole, $1.50 for a half (plus processing costs paid to the butcher), based on hanging weight. A half hog’s estimated hanging weight should be around 75 pounds.



Our recent hogs have had hanging weights around 200-225 pounds – let’s use 210 for an average.  Let’s also assume an average processing cost of $.50 cents per pound. The half hog hanging weight would be 75 lb.  So our price for that hog would be 75 lb x $1.50, or $112.5.

Processing cost paid directly to the butcher would be $0.8  x 75 = $60. So your total cost would be
$172.5.  The packaged meat would weigh around 80% of the 75, which is about 60 lb.  So the average cost of the packaged pork would be $3.18 p/lb. Remember this is a rough average. You could get more or less weight depending on bone left in the cuts, etc. and the processing cost could be more or less.  Extra costs for cured hams and cured bacon.

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